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SaaS Lead Generation

Lead generation is one of the ultimate goals of every marketing team. While different campaigns may serve different purposes, such as raising awareness or promoting brand loyalty, marketing is one of the best lead generation strategies B2B SaaS organizations can take advantage of. So what is SaaS lead generation, and how might it look different from other types of B2B lead generation?


Lead generation is an umbrella term for all of the marketing activities that encourage prospects to complete actions on an organization’s website or social media that would turn them into a “lead.” A lead is a contact that can be passed along to a sales representative or placed into specific marketing campaigns that will further usher that lead along the marketing & sales funnels. In order for this kind of approach to be successful, a high-level amount of data is used. Many organizations use lead generation tools, such as lead generation software, for this purpose. 


SaaS companies tend to have a much longer buyer cycle than other types of B2B organizations. This tends to be because of all the decision-makers that are involved in a SaaS purchase. B2B SaaS companies tend to create tools or software that make running an organization simpler, focusing on the automation of mundane and repeatable tasks, and allowing human employees to make complex decisions. These kinds of solutions don’t often come cheap, and therefore, a B2B SaaS buyer might need a lot of lead-up and reassurance before bringing a solution home to their organization. That’s where marketing and lead generation strategies come in. 


SEO is one of the best lead generation tools that can have incredible results if wielded correctly. SEO impacts revenue for B2B SaaS companies by improving funnel efficiency through higher-quality leads. This is because certain keywords that can lead to traffic from organic search are highly associated with stronger buyer intent. 

What Is Saas Lead Generation

There are many different kinds of B2B lead generation tools, but SEO is one of the few B2B lead generation examples that compounds on itself. Investing in organic search and employing the help of B2B lead generation services such as SEO software can have significant results for revenue. Through careful keyword research, keywords that are associated with strong buyer intent can be targeted and used in SEO campaigns. The organic traffic that leads from those campaigns generates leads that are more likely to become customers because they are actively and currently seeking solutions to their problems. 


By creating a full and holistic SEO strategy that focuses on every stage of the marketing funnel, SEO can pull in potential leads and customers when they are still identifying their problem and then walk them through the entire marketing process, converting them into a lead. In SaaS lead generation, it’s important to have multiple campaigns running simultaneously, targeting different keywords to make sure that every stage of the funnel is flowing and pushing to create more actionable leads for the sales team. Through keyword research, you can determine which keywords are tied to what stage of the marketing funnel so that you can create intentional campaigns designed to deliver results.


SEO content production is also about more than just blogs and other types of written content. Investing in SEO and organic search also means that your website should be optimized for search engine crawling bots. The search engine crawler bots are what actually score your pages and content. If the bots cannot access your page well, the page cannot be scored, and therefore your content cannot rank. 

B2B Lead Generation Tools

Manual keyword research can use up a lot of employee time and energy, sacrificing other marketing efforts. That’s one reason why many organizations choose to invest in B2B lead generation tools. The best lead generation softwares should automate the difficult or repeatable tasks to free marketers and writers to focus on the actual content creation. Demandwell is a SaaS lead generation company that focuses on lead generation for software companies. They are able to focus on the SaaS industry because of the specific challenges they faced during their own growth and the strategies they used to overcome them. The Demandwell platform is one of the most intricately crafted lead generation tools in digital marketing, meant to automate and streamline the SEO campaign and content creation process. 


Demandwell automates keyword research, creating a detailed list for SaaS organizations to craft a detailed and full strategy from. Demandwell’s Keyword Coach prioritizes keywords based on the demand they are able to generate, focusing on results rather than chasing highly competitive keywords. With Demandwell’s automatically generated content outlines, writers have everything they need to begin SEO content production, including headers, sections complete with keywords, and a targeted word count per section. Demandwell also offers a Content Analyzer, so you’ll know immediately if your SEO content is ready to rank.

If you’re committed to SEO success through content production, the Content Production Suite makes it possible for anyone to drive impact with SEO. Let’s talk.

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