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Website Audit Software

B2B SaaS companies benefit from frequent auditing to analyze the success of SEO campaigns and see how their site is ranking in search engines. Given the importance of having SEO audit tools, B2B SaaS companies should seek software that allows regular auditing to monitor the success of SEO campaigns consistently. An SEO audit serves various purposes but is perhaps most important because it reveals significant issues preventing your website from ranking higher. By performing a website audit, B2B SaaS marketing teams can understand issues in current SEO campaigns and make foundational changes to improve search engine rankings.


Given the importance of auditing for B2B SaaS campaigns, your marketing team needs to consider high-quality platforms to analyze SEO performance. For instance, platforms like Demandwell provide various features to help B2B SaaS companies audit their site with advanced website audit tools. Demandwell understands the need for B2B SaaS marketing teams to perform an SEO site audit regularly and follows the three pillars of SEO within its audit software.


Demandwell’s website audit software prioritizes three pillars of SEO: infrastructure, content, and endorsements. These three factors are vital for B2B SaaS companies looking to rank for a keyword. To begin ranking for keywords, Demandwell’s algorithm looks at the site’s infrastructure. Demandwell analyzes technical elements, including page speed, canonicalization, and 404 errors preventing your site from ranking.


Furthermore, Demandwell’s website audit tool analyzes your site content so you can focus on optimizing the on-page elements of your website to help pages rank higher. Demandwell’s SEO analyzer helps B2B SaaS companies improve their SEO performance through structured content. Demandwell also analyzes any endorsements, or backlinks, found on your site. Because Google judges your site content by reviewing your backlinks, it is essential to have endorsements that assure Google’s algorithm that your website is trustworthy and contains accurate information.


SEO Audit Checklist

Because there are various elements involved in a successful SEO campaign, B2B SaaS marketing teams will benefit from an SEO audit checklist to ensure that they are implementing the best SEO tactics that help their company rank higher in search engines. An SEO or website audit checklist can help B2B SaaS marketing teams discern the best SEO practices and make sure that their SEO campaigns are not overlooking crucial factors of a successful campaign.


Demandwell offers B2B SaaS companies some of the best SEO audit tools available. Demandwell’s advanced features can be used as a checklist to guide your marketing team through creating an effective SEO campaign. Among the various factors that you should include on your company’s SEO audit checklist are:


  • Dividing SEO tasks into on-page and off-page SEO
  • Monitoring the quality of your site’s organic traffic
  • Ensuring that your site’s loading speed is fast
  • Checking that your website is responsive and compatible with different platforms
  • Ensuring that search engines only index one version of your website
  • Optimizing navigation elements
  • Auditing backlinks and fixing any broken links
  • Frequently tracking keywords


By using Demandwell as a website audit tool for your B2B SaaS company, you improve the chances that your company will be easily discoverable through search engine queries. Demandwell offers the best SEO audit tool for B2B SaaS marketing teams seeking ways to rank higher and outperform top competitors. Demandwell’s daily SEO checklist ensures that your SEO campaigns are up-to-date and follow the best practices to keep your site relevant in search engine rankings.


Best SEO Audit Tools

If you are seeking the best SEO audit tool for your B2B SaaS SEO campaigns, then Demandwell’s Health Audit feature is a vital asset. By offering marketing teams an advanced website audit report, Demandwell’s Health Audit tool can coach B2B SaaS marketing teams through issues in their website health that are impacting their organic search engine rankings. Additionally, the Health Audit tool is essential because marketing teams can use it in conjunction with Google features, such as the Google SEO Checker.


Demandwell’s Health Audit feature provides B2B SaaS marketing teams with a comprehensive audit of their site’s infrastructure, content, and endorsements. By auditing these three pillars of SEO, Demandwell can help optimize your SEO and prepare your site for outperforming your top competitors. Furthermore, Demandwell’s Health Audit tool identifies any critical issues preventing your SEO content from ranking higher in search engines. Demandwell offers B2B SaaS companies tailored recommendations on how to improve their site ranking.


Demandwell notifies and monitors B2B SaaS companies of any foundational site changes while auditing websites to ensure that they are up-to-date with their SEO keywords. Because SEO rankings constantly shift, using Demandwell’s Health Audit tool is vital to keeping your content relevant and outranking the competition.

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