Website Audit Software For SEO Audits

If you want to get the most out of your search engine optimization campaign, or SEO, then you need to put the best SEO tools to work for you. At the same time, there are lots of important pieces that go into running a strong SEO campaign, such as running a technical SEO audit with a website audit tool at scheduled intervals. For projects like this, it is important to use a website audit checklist, which might include a website audit example, in order to get the most out of your website audit service.

Or, if you are wondering “what is an SEO audit,” then there are a few important points to keep in mind. If you take a closer look at a website audit example, you will find that an SEO content audit is meant to scan your website for any issues that you may be overlooking. It is important for you to review your website this way from time to time, just to make sure that there are no major issues that could be impacting your ability to rank well among search engine results.

At the same time, though, you probably have a lot of other business tasks to manage on a daily basis, so you may not have time to take a look at your website in this much depth regularly. This is where website audit software can be helpful. Site audit software is a program that will use a content audit template to make sure there are no major issues with your website, or else to identify and report on any problems that it does find.

Some of the most effective website audits are not run entirely by software though. In other instances, an experienced SEO professional will also take a close look at your website SEO practices. This kind of website audit may be able to reveal pressing issues that could jump to the top of your priority list. These are usually issues related to technical SEO. For example, if there is any part of your website that is formatted incorrectly or broken, it can drag down the performance of the entire website. This in turn can stunt your organic growth, ultimately harming lead conversion and overall revenue generation.

By using website audit tools, though, these issues can be identified as quickly as possible, which will help prevent them from harming the quality of your website.

Website Audit Checklist

If you want to get the most out of your content marketing audit, then it is important to take advantage of numerous types of audit tools. If you are wondering “what are audit tools,” these are tools that you can use in order to go through a website audit checklist. That way, you will be able to cover each important part of your website and identify any major issues going on there. If you can identify these issues as quickly as possible, then you can correct them.

There are numerous technical pillars that come together to complete your website audit, which include:

  • Your infrastructure, which relates to the functionality of your website
  • Your content, which relates to how well your content has been optimized for SEO purposes and discoverability
  • Your endorsement, which refers to your website’s ability to be recognized as a trustworthy source

At a B2B marketing agency like Demandwell, these pillars of website architecture come together to create a scorecard that will rank each one individually and then your site as a whole. At Demandwell in particular, this is a scorecard that is used to complete all website audits. Experienced SEO consultants will also walk through all results with you, uncovering issues related to the overall health of your website. By correcting these issues, you can improve the ranking of your website, driving more organic traffic to various pages.

Likewise, by using this scorecard, you can prioritize issues related to your website and correct them with the help and guidance of experienced professionals. Correcting these issues can go a long way toward placing your website in a good position toward driving organic growth for your business in the future.

SEO Content Audit

Ultimately, this kind of content audit will only be helpful if you know what to do next. In other words, you need to be able to use the results of your content audit to correct any problems related to your website.

There are a few common issues that a content audit may uncover with your website, such as:

  • There could be issues related to your meta descriptions, which are the descriptions of your website that search engines will interpret in order to index your website appropriately
  • You might also have areas on your website that are deemed “thin content,” which means they have a low word count and a low keyword density. This will make it difficult for search engines to figure out what they are about.
  • The audit may turn up issues related to your title tags, which are used to categorize content such as blog posts, articles, and other content. This could also mean that the titles on your website have not been tagged appropriately, making it difficult for search engines to index and identify your website

These are just a few of the significant issues that may be uncovered during a website audit. Even though it can be frustrating to deal with these website issues, they need to be addressed quickly in order for your website to rank well. The sooner you identify these issues, the faster you can fix them and thus improve the ranking of your website.

Remember, too, that this process is not something you have to do manually. Effective website audit software can be used to make your website audit go faster and more efficiently, while also uncovering a wider range of issues as well. When you have all these advantages in place, then you can optimize your website more quickly and easily, correcting issues in ways that will help you drive organic growth.


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