What Are SaaS Lead Generation Strategies?

SaaS Lead Generation Strategies

What is B2B SaaS marketing? While not entirely separate from marketing for other industries, SaaS marketing has specific challenges to overcome and problems to solve. SaaS lead generation strategies tend to be broken down into two categories: inbound and outbound. While this is true in nearly all digital marketing, for SaaS companies, the viable strategies tend to be limited even further. A B2B lead generation outbound strategy for SaaS companies might look something like paid search ads. An inbound marketing strategy would be investing in SEO for more traffic from organic search. In outbound marketing, a prospect sees materials without specifically looking for them. It’s when a brand reaches out to a prospect first instead of the other way around. 

Outbound marketing efforts have recently fallen out of popularity and can be construed as obtrusive. Inbound marketing is working with your prospect, who has in some way indicated that they actively want to interact with your brand, whether that’s through a demo form request, an email-sign up, etc. Much of B2B SaaS lead generation can be completed through organic SEO leading to those form requests, generating inbound leads. When creating lead generation for software companies, it’s important to know what the prospects are actually searching for. That’s where B2B lead generation tools and lead generation software come in. In organic search and SEO, keywords are required to rank and for your audience to find you. An organization can create a bulk of SEO content, but if they’re attempting to rank for the wrong keywords, their efforts may ultimately not result in hitting their goals.

Manual keyword research for SEO is doable, but it requires a lot of time and effort. It is also not a scalable solution, and there’s no built-in method to track SEO campaign performance over time with manual research. In order to focus on other important elements of SaaS marketing, many teams begin a search for the best lead generation software to assist in creating more B2B SaaS leads.

B2B Lead Generation Tools

The best lead generation tools in digital marketing should give users the ability to scale and track the performance of their campaigns in real time. This is especially important for SaaS marketing tools. SaaS companies create products to solve complex problems, with buyers who want to be highly educated and will rarely stick around if their needs are not met. It’s important for the best SaaS marketing campaigns to be able to pivot on the fly when they notice something is not working. 

SEO campaigns with Demandwell can give users real-time insights on keyword performance for targeted clusters of keywords. SEO campaigns can indicate which SEO content pieces are ranking, driving impressions, clicks, and conversions. Thanks to Demandwell’s Keyword Intelligence features, you can discover the Lifecycle Stage of each keyword so that you know which keywords to focus on next and which ones to phase out. Those are the types of integral automation tools necessary in lead generation tools to truly make an impact on SaaS B2B marketing strategy and revenue. Being able to continue on the crest of an SEO wave due to knowing the Lifecycle Stage of a keyword and monitoring results in real-time makes Demandwell one of the best lead generation software available.

Through usage and its analytics features, the artificial intelligence within the Demandwell tool can learn what types of keywords are and aren’t driving the results desired. It can then hone in on its algorithm and recommend even more successful keyword strategies. Demandwell also offers a Content Analyzation tool for SEO content so that you don’t have to be surprised by its results. 

SaaS Lead Generation Company

Demandwell is an SEO SaaS lead generation company that provides software with services to get the best results with their customers. While their SEO software can streamline, automate, and simplify the SEO process, making it easier to acquire more leads, Demandwell doesn’t just let their clients figure it out all on their own. Each Demandwell client is matched with an expert SEO consultant to guide the clients on their SEO journey and provide counsel. 

Demandwell is uniquely situated to create B2B SaaS lead generation tools and provide services for B2B SaaS clients because they are also a B2B SaaS organization. They are intimately familiar with the specific struggles that many B2B SaaS organizations make. They can use the information and strategies that helped them to rapidly grow and do the same for their clients.

The Demandwell software is built around four key functionalities: SEO Campaigns, Growth Reporting, Content Production, and SEO Health Audits. The features created to support these functionalities have catchy titles like Keyword Coach, Brief Builder, and the SEO Health Scorecard, but really, the purpose of all Demandwell features are to help automate and simplify your SEO campaign strategy while increasing revenue. These features all work in tandem to result in completed goals, a more efficient workplace, a successful strategy, and a better quarter than the one you had last time.

If you’re committed to SEO success through content production, the Content Production Suite makes it possible for anyone to drive impact with SEO. Let’s talk.

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