What Functionality Should Your SEO Platform Include?

If a business wishes to see meaningful results with their SEO while driving revenue, they may consider ensuring that visitors can find their website in the first place. SEO (search engine optimization) can help increase the quantity and quality of website traffic. SEO is the technique that can improve a website’s presence in search engine results. The higher a site ranks, the more visible it may be to potential visitors who search for relevant services.

There are many tasks involved with improving SEO. An SEO platform can assist businesses and marketers with these tasks.  Knowing which platform is best for SEO requires researching each one in detail. The top SEO tools would ideally include the following functions:

  • SEO Audit:  This function analyzes a website to determine if there are any issues that could impact search engine rankings. Therefore, it could be a worthwhile practice to occasionally run an SEO audit to keep it up-to-date. An SEO audit could also allow you to discover any broken links that may be preventing your website from climbing search engine rankings. An SEO tool could help streamline this process.
  • Link Building: Internal links found within a website help search engines decide which pages should be ranking for which keywords. External links that direct visitors to a website from other credible websites can increase a site’s sense of authority. This could also include backlinks to your own website. Link building could indicate to search engines what pages should be ranking for specific keywords. With this in mind, SEO tools that help build links can increase a website’s visibility.
  • Technical SEO: Search engines use software called crawlers to obtain information about websites so that they can categorize them. They may also make use of other programs that could help them index websites and determine their relevance to users’ searches. Technical SEO tools online may better enable crawlers to categorize your website in a way that could allow it to rank highly.
  • Rank Tracking: Monitoring a website’s rankings among search engine results can let businesses know how well their website is showing up in search engines. Stopping a site from slipping down the rankings before it slips too far down the rankings could allow your team to make changes efficiently.
  • Keyword Research: Keywords can bring visitors from search engines to a website. That said, some keywords are searched more than others. Some of these keywords may be overlooked by other marketers, giving you the opportunity to capitalize on them. Not to mention, search trends could often change. You may want to ensure that the keywords you target are consistently being searched. SEO platform tools can help businesses find and use the best keywords to drive web traffic their way. 
  • Content Optimization: Once a business knows which keywords should be prioritized, they should then produce content containing those words. Prompt keyword reporting could enable content to include the most important keywords in order to help a website’s performance.

Enterprise SEO Software

Enterprise SEO software scales up SEO to meet the needs of a larger company that aims to achieve greater revenue levels. Enterprise SEO requires work on a larger scale. A sizable company may have to manage many different aspects of SEO that concern their industry. Finding the keywords that customers will use to find their products or services is essential for financial sustainability and potential growth. An Enterprise SEO platform can help companies focus on growing revenue. Some examples of what such a top SEO website could include:

  • Google: Google is probably the world’s most popular search engine. It makes sense that when discussing SEO tools that Google is mentioned first. Some Google SEO products that can help improve keyword usage include Google Trends, which analyzes the popularity of top-ranking Google Search queries across several regions and languages, the Google Search Console, which can measure a site’s search performance, and Google Analytics, which tracks website traffic. These SEO tools Google can offer companies insight into how visitors engage with their sites.
  • BrightEdge: This SEO platform boasts that their Data Cube is the industry’s most powerful SEO research solution. Data Cube can help businesses and marketers collect and understand search data so they can form a content strategy that results in relevant traffic.
  • SEMrush: This SEO tool can access over 20 billion keywords for 130 countries. Large companies with a vast assortment of keywords to manage can use SEMrush  to get recommendations to improve their content.
  • Conductor: The Conductor SEO platform allows businesses and marketers to see not only what keywords visitors are using to reach their website, but also the visitors’ demographics. This information can be used to tailor specific content to certain kinds of people.
  • Demandwell: With a suite of SEO optimization tools, Demandwell could extend beyond basic SEO and help create leads that can possibly become sources of renewable revenue. At Demandwell, we could also equip clients with the right combination of software and consultant guidance to help them better achieve the level of growth they may be seeking. We also understand that just driving traffic is only part of the equation; you ideally also want to close more deals. For that reason, Demandwell zeroes in on organic traffic and discoverability as well.

Best SEO Companies

A company’s website can be the lifeblood that supports financial sustainability and growth. Therefore, it could be necessary to make sure customers can quickly and easily find the website that matches their wants and needs. This can be accomplished with detailed and thorough SEO techniques. Finding and using the accurate keywords and phrases to reach interested people requires time and energy. SEO tools can help businesses streamline their SEO so that they can create suitable content that could yield tangible results.  

There is often much work that goes into enhancing SEO, as many top SEO experts may confirm. An effective SEO platform can provide businesses with all the assistance they need to help convert visitors into paying customers. It’s a time-consuming job with many nuanced layers. SEO systems could help companies know how their website is performing as well as what can be done to improve performance. 

The best SEO companies could offer a collection of tools that can increase a website’s visibility. SEO products should offer their users the ability to run SEO audits, build better links, track website rankings, and discover new and popular keywords. They could also be flexible, accessible, and supported by SEO experts should any questions or concerns come up.

The best SEO platforms are powered by cutting-edge technology that can provide fast and effective solutions for every facet of SEO. With the tools to produce the top SEO, websites can not only acquire views, but also drive revenue.

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