What Is Lead Generation for SaaS Companies?

Lead Generation for SaaS Companies

In order for companies to survive with any sort of longevity in the modern era, they need to continually search for new ways to bring in customers. In most B2C applications, this process appears fairly straightforward – a business can survey its customers to determine what products they like and what they don’t like, and customers can provide feedback about any part of the transaction process. With lead generation for SaaS companies, the equation is a little more complex. SaaS companies are in an interesting position since they do not sell physical products, and their potential customer base is not as broad as one might expect for B2C enterprises. In many cases, new B2B SaaS companies have a new product the market has never seen before – and, therefore, little data (if any) comparable to valuable customer feedback. 


Some of the best SaaS marketing campaigns were built upon strong B2B SaaS leads. Strong leads don’t simply appear out of nothingness, however. B2B lead generation requires numerous hours of planning, execution, analysis, and more planning. Typical lead generation strategies for other industries might include an email marketing campaign, paid advertisements – digital and otherwise – and even cold calling. For B2B SaaS companies, however, SEO is one of the greatest tools to help generate greater numbers of leads, and the better your SEO performance, the more likely those generated leads will be of higher quality (i.e., more likely to convert to sales). 


A company can have all the best SaaS marketing tools at its disposal, but without a concerted, well-planned effort, even the best sales teams can fumble the bag. In order to make the most of the tools available to you, it helps to have the guidance of an expert – someone who knows all of the fine details, including the latest trends and methods of SEO. 

Lead Generation Software

Demandwell’s platform utilizes advanced software to help generate leads and provide sound and accurate data for planning your latest SEO strategies and marketing initiatives. Lead generation software like Demandwell’s provides businesses with the tools companies need to achieve their objectives, and Demandwell’s experienced team of consultants possess decades of experience to better help your organization accomplish the goals that matter most to you. 


With some of the best lead generation software available, you can start seeing improvements in your need-to-lead funnel. Some of the strongest lead generation methods involve publishing targeted content that utilizes effective and well-researched keyword inclusion. If your company publishes a side-by-side comparison article referencing one of your competitors, for instance, you can potentially draw traffic away from your competition while you educate potential new customers about the many benefits of your software or services. Other keyword-inundated performance content can bolster your organic search numbers as well and begin to bring better quality leads to your company’s digital spaces. 


B2B lead generation tools like Demandwell’s Brief Builder and Content Analyzer enable your organization to evaluate published content to continually improve your company’s SEO – thereby bringing more traffic to your sites and, perhaps more importantly, more quality leads. Demandwell also performs an SEO Health Audit, which can act as a baseline assessment to determine your company’s strengths and weaknesses in the digital realm. By assessing your site’s infrastructure, endorsements, and content, you can better understand where existing leads are coming from, and you can more effectively go after leads from other sources by improving your website’s search engine results page ranking. 

Lead Generation Strategies

Lead generation for SaaS companies generally requires a different approach from standard marketing initiatives. Demandwell’s consultants have years of experience planning winning SEO strategies and can help develop lead-generation strategies that work for your organization as well. Organic search can be one of the most powerful tools to help funnel more leads into your sales cycle, but the complexity of SEO management and associated costs can prevent some companies from making valuable investments in improving their SEO initiatives. 


Demandwell offers some of the best lead generation tools available on the market, combined with some of the strongest, most experienced SaaS marketing minds in the industry. By utilizing proven lead generation tools, Demandwell empowers your company to drive demand and increase revenue by streamlining processes and relying on straightforward, accurate data. Demandwell combines the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning with years of human experience within SEO applications to provide your organization with sensible, highly-personalized recommendations that speak directly to the objectives you prioritize most. 


With every effort – every recommendation – Demandwell offers your organization actionable insights and customized recommendations that can optimize your SEO content, increase organic traffic, increase conversion rates, and ultimately increase your company’s sources of revenue.

If you’re committed to SEO success through content production, the Content Production Suite makes it possible for anyone to drive impact with SEO. Let’s talk.

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