SEO strategy and execution for B2B SaaS companies, in one complete SEO platform

Your software has a unique purpose in your vertical, and an audience that has a niche workflow that needs solving. That pain your prospective user is experiencing will begin as a Google search for how to solve it. Through sheets? A strategy? An existing framework or template? Identifying that audience and matching it to the right keyword strategy, with the right execution to acquire that traffic. THAT is the Demandwell difference, and our software is the first to provide clarity to SEO strategy, and execution to drive meaningful results.

Demandwell was built to show B2B marketers what they SHOULD do with their SEO

Most other SEO tools provide an avalanche of data and keyword noise to their users. But what keywords matter to MY audience? What keywords can I win? And how do I go about winning? Demandwell evolved from an agency and services pros who know how to create and execute digital marketing strategies for growth. Our team built each feature to help users define their business nuances, their audience, their existing site and content and how to improve organic traffic.

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Customized and targeted campaigns for SEO sprints

SEO can feel like a jumbled mess of data, platforms and no clear direction on how to actually execute. Demandwell takes the guess work out of SEO, and puts the power back into your hands. SEO campaigns cluster your keywords together into manageable chunks, to show you current performance, and automated recommendations on how to improve your relevance and page performance. Build your own campaigns or let Demandwell do it for you, and incorporate your existing content to see where your relevance gaps are in the eyes of Google.

Automate your SEO

Generate the right digital strategy for your goals, every time

Your ICP is a targeted niche audience, with their own defined pain points. And your users may no necessarily be your final purchasers. Demandwell give you complete control over your targeting, while also guiding you to SEO strategic glory. Set your search identity in your account to define your business goals and blind spots. Matched with keyword discovery, Demandwell finds the best clusters of keywords to target for your audience, topical focus or good old fashioned queries. Choose the right mix of campaigns to get SEO automation on next steps for digital marketing execution.

Keyword research features

Simplify your execution with guided direction and AI for execution

With Demandwell users can leverage their existing content and digital strategy, or start from scratch. Import your keywords or generate them all in the platform, and get proprietary data to tell you live rank today, keyword priority and how to improve your rankings. Add new content to your content calendar, assign it to the right team member or go full automation with AI to produce SEO content that ranks. Demandwell makes SEO a breeze.

Content powered by AI
Content Analyzer

As your organic traffic goes up, your marketing budget thanks you

$62,653 / yr

Saved from PPC budget

“We didn’t have a strategy or anything when we started with Demandwell, but now organic is a top channel in terms of lead gen. It really shows that our target audience is using Google to search for terms and find answers to their problems. We’re in the right spot from like an ICP perspective.”

Alexa Amatulli

Director of Marketing

$13,276 / yr

Saved from PPC budget

“These results with Demandwell, it’s exciting to put a number with our work, especially as we’re ramping up our page production. In the first year we published 25 demand pages so its nice to see our keywords ranking, moving up and getting a lot of clicks. With SEO and digital content it’s not like a paid ad where you see results right away. So it’s exciting to see us trending in the right direction and that it is worth all of the time and effort that we’re putting in from an organic side.”

Courtney Kerr

Marketing Manager

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