Search engine optimization for education oriented businesses and marketers

The nuances for keywords in the educational field are endless. Subject matter, levels of education and those seeking an education versus those seeking to find educators or professionals at educational institutions. Knowing your audience is critical to finding SEO success, and Demandwell puts the power in our users hands. No more guessing about keywords and intent, define your website or business, and the audience you are targeting, and Demandwell crafts the right strategy and execution workflow for you. All leveraging through leveraging AI.

Demandwell exists to help marketers grow their business

It’s true, and we solved a lot of SEO problems along the way. Search marketing is complicated and takes a lot of technical expertise, but also audience awareness. We took the decades of experience from our services team, and built it directly into Demandwell for all marketers to utilize. Your software provides clarity, focus and a consistent approach to your digital marketing needs, all in one dashboard.

Control your audience and targeting through your Search Identity

For marketers targeting educators, persona understanding is critical to find the right queries your audience is actively searching for. College math professors? High school district superintendents? Parents of kindergartners? Each have their own pain points, and differentiate themselves via the way they query through search engines like Google. Demandwell gives users the ability to define their business focus, and their audience / topical direction, which our software then generates the right keyword strategy to target for your SEO sprints. Find the right mix for your audience and stop guessing based on what your competitors are doing.

Keyword features

Intelligence and real time data shows you the way

SEO Campaigns from Demandwell give you actionable steps to work towards digital optimization. Managed campaigns provide recommendations for your keyword groups and assigned pages, to keep things improving and moving up the SERP. New keywords are recommended to increase your authority within your cluster, and proprietary data shows you where you stand today and how to keep climbing.

Focused SEO Campaigns

Tie your strategy directly to content production and execution tools

Take your action items and get to work within the same dashboard. Assign your live URLs to keywords to see actives recommendations on how to improve your existing content. Keywords you aren’t ranking for? Add those to your content plan for automated brief building the Demandwell way, finding Google’s understanding of a keyword and what terms needed to rank well. Write it yourself or use Demandwell’s AI copy generation to fast track your content and prep it for publication. Then track and see the results of your work as rankings increase over time.

Content workflow features

Marketers love how simple SEO is with Demandwell, and the results

$6,324 / yr

Saved from PPC budget

“I would actually put organic right at the top of our marketing channels. We’re a very small team with very limited resources. So I don’t have budget for paid ads. We tried them out, but at the end of the day, organic was what was sending us qualified leads that get to that first phone call with our sales team. So we actually stopped doing paid ads and it’s only focused on organic traffic right now, which is awesome.”

Katie Baird Noe

Content Marketing Manager

$13,461 / yr

Saved from PPC budget

“Yeah, organic is starting to become a top channel. We’ve found a lot of success on LinkedIn for generating demand and promoting through a trade media publications. But with Demandwell we’ve definitely increased our organic traffic, it’s helping with our form submissions and demo requests. I’m seeing early results and I think if it continues then it’s worth us continuing to invest in.”

Spencer Holleman

SVP of Marketing

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