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Why do marketers consider SEO to be the holy grail of channels? Because your audience is out there right now, searching for answers to their problems. That could be stocks to purchase, financial planning strategies or fintech platforms to integrate into their business. Your audience is looking for you, and understanding your audience’s needs and how to rank when they search is exactly why Demandwell was built. Leverage features to define the best strategy for your site today, and your content needs completed for tomorrow. Powered by Demandwell’s machine learning and AI.

Clear search engine optimization strategy + execution that works

Financial fields are a tricky web of interrelated topics that can skew wildly from B2B audiences and B2C readers. Some keywords make sense for individual investing, but may also be applicable for B2B purchasers as well. How can you spot the difference? With Demandwell, the control is in your hands to identify your business and your audience, our intelligence does the rest. To find the best cluster of keywords to focus on, and a clear path for executing digital strategy. Apply your own strategy to the mix and you’re off towards SEO success.

Cluster keywords together for a sprint strategy geared towards building authority

Whether you have an existing website and existing strategy, or are starting completely from scratch, Demandwell automates your strategy and digital marketing focus. Campaigns clarify your best path to SEO success, by analyzing your pages and keywords, and providing automated recommendations for how to improve. Live rank tracking lets you know how you’re doing currently, and what adjustments you should make to keep growing. Missing keywords can be added to your content plan to get producing and live in no time.

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Set your business and audience parameters, and never get bad keyword research again

As former SEO’s, we hated keyword research data dumps. Simply looking at competitor websites for what they rank for, containing other words, it rarely works without manually sifting through thousands of rows of data. Demandwell flips the old school process on its head by starting with your business and your audience first. Identify your search identity and the direction you want for your SEO, and our AI matches the right keyword clusters for your strategy. Customize B2B audience types, detailed topics, negative or positive keywords based on your financial audience.

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Complete SEO feature set, from strategy to execution and reporting

Your website is your lifeblood for business and marketing activity. If it can effectively attract evergreen traffic from search, it’s a real winner. Demandwell is the only SEO software that puts users in control of their SEO, from strategic planning through execution and publication. Never worry about logging into multiple platforms again, one for data and planning, then sheets for content execution. It’s all here in one single pane of glass. Integrate directly to your Google Search Console and get live rank tracking, that takes into account current URLs on your site. Add them to your campaigns or make new ones for your existing strategy, and simplify your process moving forward.

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Businesses of all stripes love Demandwell and what it can do for their marketing budget

$13,461 / yr

Saved from PPC budget

“With Demandwell we’re doing a ton of stuff and we have a good content strategy. But the idea of standing up and writing as much as we have through Demandwell on our own would have been impossible without outsourcing. So I like the process of even the way we order outlines I can use, and then knowing I can send it to your team to do the writing, it helps me kinda keep pace. It’s a part of my job now, once a week, I’m writing an outline, I’m ordering a piece of content and I’m publishing an article and it just makes it easier.“

Spencer Holleman

SVP of Marketing

$62,653 / yr

Saved from PPC budget

“I didn’t have an SEO strategy at all when I walked into the role at Pillar, being the first marketer and focusing on what I knew worked. So really Demandwell helped shape that for us in a very easy way. We’re a start-up, so it’s great to see that we have avoided 62k for ongoing traffic. That is a lot that would be coming from our small marketing budget.”

Alexa Amatulli

Director of Marketing

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