Strategy to find the right applicants, or bypass candidates and target hiring teams

The intent behind keywords is a critical gauge to your SEO success. Traditional platforms only provide high value, high volume terms, independent of searcher intent. But that often misses critical components to your audience’s needs. And those working in HR, hiring or targeting those groups understand the volume of searchers looking for new careers muddies the waters. With Demandwell, you have the control to pinpoint your business, your audience, and isolate the right keyword strategy for success. Cut through the noise of SEO strategy, and find the best path to marketing success.

Content Analyzer

Skip the SEO hassle, automate it with Demandwell

After decades of experience, our team decided it was time to create a better SEO software that provided focus, audience intent and execution all rolled up into one. For companies centered around hiring, employee engagement and HR, that means isolating your audience by keyword during their decision making process, and generating the right digital strategy to get them on site. Automate the whole process, from research, cluster strategy and copywriting, all within Demandwell.

Setup Demandwell with your business focus and audience, software does the rest

Job seekers account for millions upon millions of searches everyday. But what about career fair operators in need of software? Or HR managers looking to switch ATS platforms? With Demandwell you input your search identity, what you provide and who is your ideal candidate for organic traffic acquisition. Matched with keyword cluster parameters, such as audience type or topical focus, and Demandwell generates the right campaigns for your team to work against. Further define your ideal direction, and get to creating the prioritized digital strategy for you.

Keyword research

SEO Campaigns set a tangible path to SEO growth

Search engine optimization can feel like boiling the ocean, with advanced technical requirements, backlinks, competing content interests. Where do you even start? Demandwell takes the guess work out of SEO and shows you exactly what you SHOULD be doing for organic growth today. SEO Campaigns match and order keywords targets based on priority, and recommend next steps for your execution.

Automate your SEO strategy

Automatic SEO intelligence + automated content production

With your direction identified, you’re ready to execute and hit those digital marketing objectives. With Demandwell, you get native digital content execution right in the same platform. Add new content from your campaigns directly to your content plan, and get producing SEO content lightning fast. Write yourself or leverage our AI to produce quality content that you can adjust and set to brand standards. Once done, publish on your CMS and see those rankings go up!

AI powered content production

Turn organic search into a money maker for your business

$13,461 / yr

Saved from PPC budget

“Google ads hasn’t been a channel that has seemed worthwhile for our industry. That’s why organic is more enticing, because our audience is looking more for information on Google. We really wanted to try and bolster the content that we had showing up organically and to get people into the funnel during their exploration. I put my bets on Demandwell to do that.”

Spencer Holleman

SVP of Marketing

$6,324 / yr

Saved from PPC budget

“I would actually put organic right at the top of our marketing channels. We’re a very small team with very limited resources. So I don’t have budget for paid ads. We tried them out, but at the end of the day, organic was what was sending us qualified leads that get to that first phone call with our sales team. So we actually stopped doing paid ads and it’s only focused on organic traffic right now, which is awesome.”

Katie Baird Noe

Content Marketing Manager

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