Digital strategy and SEO focus for IT and technically advanced fields

Marketers working for IT and technical businesses, and those looking to market to them, have a substantial issue when it comes to balancing technical topics and marketing production. On one hand your audience is incredibly intelligent, requiring information on any number of programming languages or computer related subjects. And on the other hand is the need for marketing growth, balancing that technical expertise with speed and tactics to drive results. Ho do you achieve both? With Demandwell, you get the best SEO platform for identifying the best focused strategy for your audience, and an execution wing to produce accurate and sound content in the process. No it's not science fiction, just science.

Qualified evergreen traffic is achievable for any business, no matter how technical

We built Demandwell with a dream; to be the first SEO platform to simplify keyword research and clearly show marketers the path to organic growth. It took a while for our team to gain the insights and expertise, to understand SEO as a marketing channel, and build that knowledge into a platform for everyone. Even marketers targeting programming languages, keywords or topics that used to take seasoned developers themselves to understand, can now leverage Demandwell’s AI to find clustered keywords, and generate accurate content that ranks.

Keyword strategy for proving your authority

Google’s algorithm requires contextual relevance for your organic performance to improve. That means knowing what page content you need to complete to show authority to search engines, improving your keyword ranking and drive more traffic. Demandwell provides clarity to the chaos of SEO by distilling your digital strategy into bite sized campaigns. Create them in Demandwell or generate your own from your existing keywords and strategy. Then get real time data on where you stand today, how to improve your pages, and what content to produce next for the sake of authority.

Keyword research features

Generate keyword clusters by starting with your target audience needs

Other SEO platforms spit out an enormous amount of data and keywords purely based on how other sites are ranking. Demandwell takes a different approach, start with your business and audience, and what they need solved leading them to your website and business. Define your search identity and business parameters, then your desired audience and topical direction, to get the best keyword clusters to target for SEO. Align your existing content and start producing new pages all in one software platform.

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Action paired with strategy is the only way to organic growth

It’s true, SEO gains come from SEO execution. So what good is data and strategy if you can’t make changes or create content? Demandwell pulls it all together, keyword strategy to clarify your next steps, and execution tools to turn SEO into a consistent and easy process. Identify technical errors on your pages that need fixed, deploy internal links and generate copy with AI at the push of a button. All included with Demandwell.

Content production tools
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SEO done right can drive huge results for your traffic and marketing pipeline

$6,324 / yr

Saved from PPC budget

“We recently had a keyword pop off where the month over month improvement on ranking was silly. It went from not ranking at all to being number two. I was reporting on performance and it’s almost so insane people have to laugh. So over the past year, we’ve seen 140 percent improvement in traffic from organic search from 22 to 23.”

Katie Baird Noe

Content Marketing Manager

$13,276 / yr

Saved from PPC budget

“Having all of these strategic keywords and building all of the demand pages out. It’s really helped us be more intentional with other content we’re creating. I think before Demandwell, we were just publishing content that we thought would be of interest or just based on what we were seeing on other blogs. And now being able to tie that to specific keywords that we’re creating pages for, or the type of customer that we’re trying to move down the funnel, has helped us come up with additional content ideas, but then executing on that digital content consistently.”

Courtney Kerr

Marketing Manager

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