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Marketing for / to manufacturing providers can be tricky to pinpoint. With niche fields, compliance hurdles, highly technical specifications and long purchase cycles, your marketing campaigns take a different shape than your average business. SEO is a phenomenal channel for reaching your audience; users search online when their problems need answers, including manufacturing pros. Map out your audience’s full funnel of exploration, map it to your digital content production, and now you have a complete digital strategy. With Demandwell, not only can you identify the best targets for your SEO growth, you also have every tool available to execute, produce and rank fast.

Demandwell was built to simplify complex SEO strategy

We hear it all the time. Common SEO tools provide a massive dump of data that has no direction or specificity for your audience. For manufacturers especially, sifting through thousands of terms that are too broad for your target audience, does little to provide a digital marketing direction. Demandwell was built to help niche businesses identify their target audience, and generate the right path to rank and convert. And our services team is here to help along the way for more customized or advanced needs.

Leverage AI and customize your search identity to blend with your audience needs

Demandwell provides guided focus on where to spend your SEO efforts. Utilize our system to identify your business or product parameters, and match it with your desired SEO direction. Identify target audiences, product use cases, industries for manufacturing use cases or just plain keywords. And Demandwell automatically generates the cluster of keywords for you to target. Create a campaign for your desired outcome and get to work molding your website for SEO performance.

Generate the right keyword strategy

Demandwell guides your execution through recommendations and SEO strategy

Campaigns mean you can keep your eye on the keyword clusters that matter most for your relevance. Assign pages to your keywords and get real time data and insights on how to improve. Check against your existing content as well for your full strategic picture, and what content is needed to complete your cluster. Demandwell keeps you on track, with automated recommendations on what to improve and where to go next.

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SEO intelligence and workflow execution, automated and in one place

Before Demandwell, marketers needed a suite of tools to conduct keyword research, generate a digital strategy, produce content and publish their work live on their website. Now, it’s all within one comprehensive platform, powered by AI and built by SEO pros. Take your campaigns and immediately begin producing content to rank and generate traffic. Deploy internal links, identify core technical problems and get full scale reporting, all automated through Demandwell’s platform. How cool is that?

SEO tools & features
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The SEO platform that drives actual results

$62,653 / yr

Saved from PPC budget

“We didn’t have a strategy or anything when we started with Demandwell, but now organic is a top channel in terms of lead gen. It really shows that our target audience is using Google to search for terms and find answers to their problems. We’re in the right spot from like an ICP perspective.”

Alexa Amatulli

Director of Marketing

$13,276 / yr

Saved from PPC budget

“Our audience is incredibly fragmented, other businesses might not have as many hundreds of thousands of keywords that we do for all these different categories, to get to a volume that makes organic and inbound marketing helpful. But we look back on the last 12 months, just the quality, of our content, the strategy behind it. It’s very different now than it was a year ago, which has to do with our work with Demandwell. So, without a doubt, we’re very pleased with the direction of our organic performance.”

Kevin McCauley

Founder & CEO

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