Organic search marketing for medical and health oriented businesses, audiences

B2B purchase cycles can last a long time, but they can turn into ages for the medical field. Large scale purchases for hospital networks, med tech or devices can really muddy the waters for marketers looking to connect with multiple personas. Tack on compliance needs and medically oriented topics for doctors and patients, and digital marketing can get tricky fast.

With organic search, your audience is out there now, trying to find details for their current problem, and the best options to begin vetting for their business. Demandwell helps marketers within medical fields pinpoint the best SEO strategy for success, and execution to ensure your website connects with the right people at the right time. And we do it leveraging AI.

Demandwell was built to simplify SEO and generate the best strategy for results

Your digital content is critical to put your best foot forward for your technical audience. Crafting an SEO strategy for healthcare used to require long onboarding times to educate an agency about your field and the medical applications they should be targeting with keywords. We built Demandwell to incorporate all our SEO expertise into a software platform that gives you, the marketing expert in your field, the control to craft your strategy for the right audience.

AI keyword research and strategic sprints for your team

Simply finding the keywords with the biggest search volumes isn’t an ideal way to optimize your website. To prove authority to Google, and attract qualified traffic, you’ll need a collection of terms across a variety of pages to showcase you are a subject matter expert in your field. Demandwell takes the guesswork out of that process, by giving users the control to define your own search identity and your target audience / topics / keywords. AI blends the two together to generate clustered keyword campaigns for your team to zero in on the right SEO execution for results today.

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Apply your expertise to SEO tools and automation, then execute immediately

What good is strategy without the means to get it live? Demandwell provides intelligence directly within your dashboard, on what pages to create next for authority, and how to improve your assigned keyword / page combinations. Take action and add to your content plan, to start producing blog posts, SEO performance content and more. Write it with your team using our SEO guardrails, or leverage AI to produce SEO focused quality content lightning fast.

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Businesses of all shapes and sizes love Demandwell and how it evolves their SEO strategy

$13,461 / yr

Saved from PPC budget

“The time it takes to have good writing, as a small team multiple days a week researching and writing drafts, I just don’t have the capacity for it. So I’m always surprised when I get back a draft from Demandwell and I learn something. Its been great even for my understanding of what works organically. So far there have been a couple of pages that have been clear winners in terms of driving the most traffic and downloads, it’s been cool to see.”

Spencer Holleman

SVP of Marketing

$6,324 / yr

Saved from PPC budget

“I really get a lot out of the Demandwell services, asking okay, how do we organize this? What should we look at next? For example, we’re leaning into publishing pillar pages and right now they’re linked in the footer. Our SSM showed me a bunch of different schools of thought for how to organize pillar pages on the website for better indexation. Insights like that are super helpful because I don’t feel like I’m in a bubble, right? It’s good context for me when we chat.”

Katie Baird Noe

Content Marketing Manager

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Demandwell services can enhance your software experience and provide more in-depth assistance for larger or more complex marketing teams.

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