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For digital marketers, content is king, it has been for a long time and it will continue to be. It fuels your inbound activity, organic social activity, qualifies leads and enables sales. If its produced in the right way too, it can generate loads of passive evergreen traffic from the right audience. Demandwell gives content marketers the tools they need to succeed online, with automated SEO strategy, guidance and AI content tools. All in one platform.

Outline Generator

Keyword focus for your content calendar

As an SEO first platform, Demandwell views content production through the lens of keywords and pages. Users can add new items to the content calendar with a designated keyword in minds to rank for. Customize your content’s title and type, for blog posts or SEO performance content, to adjust how you need the final output. Assign users, due dates and keep tabs on what pieces are moving through your production queue.

Keyword research & performance

Thought leadership or SEO performance, the choice is yours

Demandwell gives content marketers the right options to choose from on content generation to meet your SEO goals. SEO performance content is structured and keyword rich, intended to rank for keywords and speak Google’s language back to it. Blog posts are more flexible and give you terms to choose from in a free play environment. Find the right mix for your content needs, and track published URLs through your dashboard to see the rankings and results.

Content management features
Content Analyzer

AI content generation for speed demons + full human led quality control

AI and automation are excellent tools to help expedite your workflow. But having a human touch is still critical to ensure your content meets quality standards before it goes live. Demandwell gives you all the tools you need to have both. Brief automation provides a V1 for SEO performance, while letting users adjust, add or delete sections based on your content needs. Features let you customize instructional templates for the right messaging, and keyword exclusions to weed out the noise. The analyzer provides SEO guardrails for the right keyword authority in your content, while showcasing the missing terms needed and the ability to edit on the fly. Don’t like your copy? Regenerate it with new prompts, or leverage the re-writer to highlight sections and redo them instantly. The editorial control is in your hands.

AI content production

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Managed content production from Demandwell services

Demandwell makes content marketing strategic, focused and consistently easy. We’ve found that it takes 50+ pieces of SEO performance content annually to see impressive organic results, and if your team is focused elsewhere, we can help on the copywriting side too. Managed AI from Demandwell takes the lift off of your team, and turns copywriting into a breeze. Pick your keywords you want to target, and Demandwell does the rest. Leveraging AI for production, editing with humans, and keeping cost crazy low.

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