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History Of Marketing In Valparaiso
The history of Porter County started in 1832 when the land was purchased from the Potawatomi people by the United States.  As the city grew, homes, schools and churches were built, making it a place worthy of a stop on the Chicago railroad. From a one-horse town to a bustling metropolis, today’s Valparaiso has much to offer.

Public Forums
In the 1800’s, the best way of communication was public forums. This would be places such as court houses and amphitheatres. Ideas could be shared with policiticians and then spread throughout the community. The Porter County courthouse is located in Valparaiso and was originally built in 1837. This wood frame building was replaced by a brick structure in 1853. In 1937, the current building caught fire, destroying the tower portion which was never rebuilt. The current building reflects a restored version of the original minus the tower.

Valparaiso is also home to the Porter Health Amphitheatre. This facility is the site of many of the city’s events throughout the year including football and the outdoor concert series. Fans can dance, eat and celebrate in this beautiful location.

David E. Lilienthal, a famous policitian from Valparaiso, served as an attorney and an administrator. He later was appointed by President Franklin D. Roosevelt as part of a three person board, overseeing the Tennessee Valley Authority. He was also requested to chair the U.S. Etomic Commission where he served for four years.

Market Booths
A means of marketing in the early days as well as today, markets and festivals are great ways for businesses to meet consumers. Valparaiso’s line up of year round and seasonal markets, festivals and fairs offer every business an opportunity to shine.

Every Tuesday and Saturday, 8:00 am – 2:00 pm, you can check out the Valparaiso Market. Packed with fresh produce, local handmade wares, and an array of plants and flowers, this market is sure to have something for everyone. Located at the William E. Urschel Pavilion at Central Park Plaza, the market is a great place for meeting people, purchasing healthy fruits and vegetables, and finding that unique gift.

In addition, Valparaiso sponsors several seasonal markets and festivals. To satisfy your sweet tooth, The Chocolate Walk, features over 20 retail participants with the yummiest of desserts. This is an annual event, scheduled this year on May 2, 2020, 12:00-4:00 pm, located on the streeets of Downtown Valparaiso. If wine is your favorite, take a walk to the Wine Festival on July 8, 2020, 5:00 – 8:00 pm. You will sample over 100 different wines and enjoy the day with friends and family. Also on the calendar, is a variety of events including summer outdoor movies, Octoberfest, an art festival, a popcorn festival and more. Check out more information on the Valparaiso events page.

Always a great way to market, billboards are age old but still hold the attention of those whose only entertainment is driving. Valparaiso offers a myriad of main highways where advertisers can catch the eye of its many travelers. With the year round offerings of markets and festivals, visitors from all around will see biilboard advertisements.

Major highways and roads include: State Roads 2, 8, 49, 130, 149 and 249; US Highways 6, 12, 20, 30 and 231; Interstates 80, 94 and the Indiana Toll Road.

Radio communication has been around for many years but the use of it has changed. While it used to just be for news and music listening, it has evolved into much more. Marketing through radio can be quite successful and the use of podcasts for education and encouragement has become popular as well.

Valparaiso has 68 radio stations within its listening radius. WVLP, 103.1 FM, is a community based station where local folks play music and discuss important topics. The station is 24/7, is solely supported by donations within the community and is non-profit.

Other stations available include several sponsored by schools and colleges, Christian, country, adult contemporary, oldies, hip hop and more.

School Marketing
Marketing to school age students from pre-k all the way through college is an effective way to get your name out there. Students are always doing fundraising and events. Handing out t-shirts, assisting with fundraisers and sponsoring sports teams are great ways to create relationships with students, parents and faculty.

Some of the major schools in Valparaiso include: Central Elementary, Cooks Corners Elementary, Flint Lake Elementary, Hayes Leonard Elementary, Benjamin Franklin Middle School, Thomas Jefferson Middle School, Porter County Career Center, Valparaiso High School. Colleges include: Ivy Tech Community College (Valparaiso, IN) and Valparaiso University. There are several private schools as well. You can find more information on the Valparaiso website.

Business Hubs
Through time, the chamber of commerce in a town, newspapers and later on, television, have provided opportunity to market and network for businesses and individuals. Making contacts is always important and chamber meetings offer those contacts. Newspapers, though having lost some momentum, can still yield some advertising results. Television has emerged more and more as a point of communication although it is expensive and methods vary.

The Greater Valparaiso Chamber of Commerce consists of community members who are concerned with economic growth, member services, creating a good quality of life for all, and legislative issues. Anyone is welcome to join. Core values include: Honesty, Integrity, Enthusiasm, and Efficiency.

Porter County News and Valparaiso News are the the local newspapers. In addition to local news, they report on global happenings as well. The Chicago Tribune is a larger paper and is subscribed to by many in Valparaiso.

Valparaiso features all of the regular television stations via antenna or cable connection. Through DirectTV and Xfinity, you can tap into a plethora of cable network stations. These providers are the largest and best connection available.

Networking is key to every successful marketing company. Meeting new people, connecting with those who can relate to your business and keeping a steady stream of communcation are vital to any company. While this has always been the case, the ways we do this now are different from years gone by. For some time now, social media has become the epicenter of marketing. However, there are some recent changes in networking.

Co-working spaces are becoming more and more popular as people search for connection. This new concept is also a response to work from home alternatives – having a ‘sometimes’ office is convenient and less expensive than renting or buying a permanent space. Valparaiso sports its main co-working space, Zoseco. Zoseco is the longest-running co-working space in the area. It features Wi-Fi, office space, spare chargers, office supplies, and more. The offices are furnished and printing services are available on site. Located near coffee shops and restaurants, you can grab a quick lunch or meet with a client and then head back to work.

Coffee shops have always been the perfect place to conduct business, whether it is to work alone or with others, table space and internet are the only essentials in this day and time. Having your choice of coffee, black or a fru-fru drink, make it even more appealing. Among the many urban choices in Valparaiso you will find: Blackbird Cafe, Daggar Mountain Roastery, FLUID Coffeebar, Uptown Cafe and more! If you need your caffeine fix, you are sure to find it here!

Local networking events
Valparaiso is up to date on the best networking events. You can attend a business workshop at the Valpo Chamber or network at the Business After Hours at the Valparaiso Country Club or other various locations. The annual FunDay Golf Classic is hosted in June each year and is an optimum networking experience. there are many other year-round events such as 4th Fridays – an evening of shopping and special events held in the downtown area.

Valparaiso SEO
Our previous topics have all been about interpersonal communications. While those are extremely important, in this era we have many more opportunities to connect throughout the country and even internationally. Seach engine optomization or SEO is the way we are able to do this. The future of Valparaiso businesses or any other city’s growth is based on its ability to use SEO techniques to market locally, nationally and globally. While other forms on advertisement are often results-driven, the cost is continuous. Creating an SEO friendly website will go a long way on one initial investment as the marketing has a ripple effect. It is like buying a house instead of renting – you own your website and it is an effective means to market. Interactive marketing is event driven and marketing companies can use personlized triggers to bring in the traffic you are wanting. Digital marketing is the most efficient way to present ideas, services and products for consumer knowledge.

Valparaiso SEO Company
While do-it-yourself projects can be fun, it is always vital to make sure you have the right tools and training, otherwise, you end up with a mess and wasted time. If you have people who are experts in SEO, interactive and digital marketing, then by all means, use them to do the work. However, not everyone is fortunate enough to have this resource. Hiring a professional marketing company to help you is the best choice and money well spent. DemandWell is an SEO marketing company in Valparaiso. We carry the knowledge and experience necessary to bring your company’s SEO marketing into the 21st century. So when looking for Valparaiso SEO services, DemandWell is the place to go!

Valparaiso SEO Agency
Advertising and marketing agencies have the advantage of working with several different clients. They can see the trends that are happening with each of their client’s and on Google. With in-house help, you may miss the benefit of certain shifts in what works and what doesn’t. An SEO agency Valparaiso can keep you informed on a daily basis as these things can change from day to day. An SEO Agency can help with lead generation which will enable you to use that data to do e-newsletters to draw more traffic to your service or product. DemandWell is a top-quality Valparaiso SEO expert.

Best SEO
What should you be looking for in a professional SEO company? You want someone who is experienced, has a good reputation and has a proven track record. Choosing the top SEO firm will mean that they are the best at conversion rate optimization. The best SEO companies are alert, responsive and always put the client first. DemandWell is known its individual attention, professionalism, meeting deadlines and making sure our clients are beyond satisfied. We want to be your Valparaiso SEO firm.

Valparaiso Web Design
Though driving traffic to your website is an important part of the success of your business, if you do not see conversion rate optimization or CRO, you are spinning your wheels. It is a proven fact that web design is a crucial part of converstion to actual sales. A well designed, user-friendly website will bring people back again and again. Web design and digital marketing go hand in hand, one is no good without the other. The best SEO companies understand and strive to keep your CRO going on a continuous flow. They are not concerned with charging you more for every little move they make.

Media Companies Valparaiso
Although SEO is a vital part of marketing your business, you will want to use other avenues to market as well. Social media has become a major player in business success and sales. Companies are using social media platforms to not only connect globally but to keep lines of communication open. Some businesses even hire someone to scope out the internet for any negative comments and address those immediately.

Additionally, video marketing is the way of the future. Many people today are sight learners and need video to help with ideas. Video marketing enables businesses to reach a vast amount of consumers at one time. In the past, mailings might have worked but today many people will throw out what they call ‘junk mail’ versus a well-made, professional video. More and more consumers are internet driven so video marketing is the ideal way to go. Media production companies are available to help you create a video that will attract people to your business.

Other forms of marketing such as email, blogs and back linking are good ways to market as well. Email requires purchasing or obtaining lists to build a database but this can be done. Blogs are a popular choice but you do need a following to use them as a marketing tool. Back linking is often used in guest blogging situations to drive traffic back to your website. Partnerships with other companies are also a good marketing tool.

History of Valparaiso
As mentioned previously, Valparaiso was founded in 1832. The town was orginally named Portersville, in honor of Commodore David Porter of the U.S. Navy. Captain Porter was the leader during the Battle of Valparaiso, which was lost to Britain. Later on, the city was returned to the U.S. after the war of 1812 was fought. In 1837, the town was renamed Valparaiso which means ‘Vale of Paradise’. The county name is Porter.

Valparaiso consists of a little over 25,000 people and has a strong business district. Small businesses are encouraged and supported.

It is the home of Orville Redenbacher popcorn. In addition, Indiana Beverage, a large beer manufacturer, has been a big part of the Valparaiso history. Originally called Valpo Beverages in 1939, the company grew considerably and became the home to many different types of beers, including the coveted Coors brand. In 2011, a 215,000 square foot facility was built to house the conglomerate. After several mergers, the company become Indiana Beverage. in 2017, after earning the distribution of the Yuengling brand, the company built another expansion to the current building of 55,000 square feet. Over the years, the company has won many awards and continues today creating jobs for residents of Valparaiso and supplying beer to many of the restaurants.

The town also has the Memorial Opera House. This venue was said to have been the favorite of the famous opera conductor John Philip Sousa. The Opera House was also the location of the Marx Brothers comedy trio show in 1919. Valparaiso is a city rich with history including the Stage Coach Inn and Panhandle Depot museums, Task Force Tips Fire museum, Valparaiso University Brauer Museum of Art, and more.

Valparaiso also boasts about his small business district. Speciality shops include Bun’s Soapbox, Indie Indie Bang Bang, Toys in the Attic, Birch Tree Studo & Gallery, just to name a few. Regardless of the reason for you visit to the friendly town of Valparaiso, you are sure to find fun events, food and shopping for everyone.

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