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Like many frontier towns in the early 1800s of America, West Lafayette started off as an agricultural cluster of farmers connected with a river route for easy supply movement and exploration. The first establishment in any form happened in May 1825 when William Digby secured the land parcel he purchased for a farm and named the area after the Marquis de Lafayette, the French hero of the Revolutionary War decades earlier. West Lafayette was founded a few years later in 1836 when Augustus Wylie settled out a town plan but it was then moved to higher ground due to flood fears. The resulting location was planted across the Wabash River from Lafayette and grew accordingly. It wasn’t named West Lafayette, however, until 1888.

* Public Forums

No surprise, Digby’s venture soon became the stopping point and connection to the world for settlers coming into the area and using West Lafayette as their stepping off point to farmland and expansion in the area. As a result, early marketing was dominated by suppliers and riverboat commerce moving goods up and down the Wabash water way to keep West Lafayette residents satisfied while their farming product was shipped elsewhere for food supply. This contained market and bartering system continued until the 1850s when the railroad arrived. This was natural evolution as West Lafayette had graduated to local manufacturing, and the railroad provided a natural connection for better supplies coming in and goods being shipped out.

The West Lafayette Library did not see establishment until much later after the town’s creation in 1921. However, the Library did quickly become a major public meeting location and point of learning for the community as well. Always retaining its primary purpose as a repository of printed literature and reading, the Library provided the West Lafayette community a solid meeting location as well for meetings and community gatherings.

* Market Booths

By the end of the 1850s, marketing had grown as well, with written advertisement in local newspapers as well as communications carried by train connected the local community with the greater Indiana area also developing just as fast. By 1869 Purdue University was established, creating the first major institution of higher learning in the region. That in turn created a new market for education, giving West Lafayette the quadruple combination of manufacturing, logistics, agriculture and education for its offerings. Marketing efforts combined with written support and relationships tied businesses to each other and their customers as a result.

The Lafayette Farmers’ Market was also a key element in local economic connections, particularly the agricultural side of things. Started in 1839, the Lafayette Farmers’ Market was on the other side of the Wabash for West Lafayette residents, but it represented a key business connection point as well as greater community meeting center on a regular basis for century and more. Today, the Farmer’s Market runs in three different locations, including one specific to West Lafayette by Cumberland Park, but its genesis was clearly in bringing the farmers together with the town they supported and food supply that ultimately was also shipped along the Wabash and stored in train cars out of town as well.

* Billboards

Because of the fact that West Lafayette offered such a major transportation connection point between land and water early on, there was plenty of signs and billboards around town in the early development of the location. That said, extensions of billboard marketing did not occur until well into the 20th century after the automobile became commonplace in Indiana and elsewhere. Road-wise, West Lafayette today is bisected by state route 52 and has Interstate 65 running north and south to the east of town.

* Radio

Modern radio in West Lafayette include 26 stations in range of the town as well as at least one public radio station situated in locale, WBAA. Administered by Purdue University, WBAA has been the stalwart of government-funded radio communications. However, across the Wabash in Lafayette proper sit four radio stations broadcasting a variety of content on both AM and FM frequencies. These stations include Wshy, Wkhy, Wshw, and Wkoa.

* School Marketing

Early in West Lafayette’s history, schools have been the primary meeting place for the town’s early community. In 1866 it was at Kingston School that locals met to approve pursuing incorporation of West Lafayette. And a number of the early schools were eventually converted into community centers as new schools were built to accommodate the growing population in later years. Unfortunately, hardly any of the original buildings of the town remain, almost all being knocked down and removed to make room for newer and better facilities.

* Business Hubs

The Chamber of Commerce for West Lafayette started early on in the town’s history and has been a tradition network for the local businesses and economic interests in the town since then. Today, the Chamber of Commerce provides the government contact point for the marketing community in West Lafayette as well as representative of the town’s business community.

* Networking

Greater Lafayette Commerce provides one of the notable connection groups get involved with when it comes to developing relationships with businesses in the area. Started as far back as 1901 with the Lafayette Commercial Club, also known as the Merchants and Manufacturers Association. In 1927 this entity was reformed into the Greater Lafayette Chamber of Commerce. In 1974 the Chamber held its first small business trade show for the region, and in 2008 the organization renamed itself the Greater Lafayette Commerce.

In addition to the Chamber, Purdue University operates a number of events and career fairs both to help its student body move onto careers as well as the provide synergies and networking opportunity between regional business interests. Purdue’s program runs the gamut from incubators to career fair events to business round tables and speaker events as well.

Another big resource for networking is the Wabash Heartland Innovation Network. The WHIN is a 10-county consortium that utilizes the Internet to create synergies between business entities and agriculture in the region along the Wabash River. A heavy emphasis is put on leveraging Internet of Things technology to boost equipment and resource coordination between partners. The focus looks to developing an exponential growth catalyst between next-generation manufacturing, digitally-enhanced agriculture, and regional cultivation fund investors. This effort brings together technology, financing and manufacturing in the area, including West Lafayette, for major networking opportunities.

West Lafayette SEO
Many think Search Engine Optimization SEO services West Lafayette design and interactive marketing are about trying to get as immediate as possible the highest ranking in a search engine result. This is a bit of a misunderstanding about seo services in West Lafayette. In fact, there are plenty of companies and organizations who do not achieve a first rank position but utilize SEO extensively because it still provides a powerful marketing connection to customers and audiences digitally. As a result, developing a solid SEO plan for any SEO marketing west Lafayette Naptown business is not just about plugging keywords on a website; it’s a digital marketing West Lafayette plan for conveying your business’ solution for the needs and wants of the West Lafayette community and those touring through the area. Granted, no one wants to be buried on page 30 of search results either, but a good SEO plan provides for a complete solution awareness campaign fundamentally. With marketing companies West Lafayette expert help from DemandWell teams who have years of working with companies of all sizes, shapes and missions, your West Lafayette SEO campaign will not just jump up, the West Lafayette SEO services provided will solidly place your company at the destination of every user in the area looking for an answer to a related question online.

West Lafayette SEO Company
If you want your company to develop business beyond just the in-person connections it has in West Lafayette, then you’re going to need to build a digital platform with a West Lafayette SEO company to tell the world you exist. Search engine optimization (SEO) with a plan and coordinated campaign solves this problem and gets you noticed via an SEO company in West Lafayette. Whether it be the customer is looking for a solution or researching or just looking for interesting content, SEO can produce a powerful connection between you and thousands of viewers and readers on the Web. Not only will you enter the arena with other creating companies West Lafayette relies on for services and goods, you may very well develop new markets entirely out of town or even out of state. And when that happens it has the power to increase your revenue streams exponentially. At the same time you’re bringing commerce and revenue back to your hometown and improving your West Lafayette community doing so. It’s really a win-win approach.

DemandWell is a West Lafayette SEO expert who can help you consider all the opportunities digitally possible as well as help you craft a viable plan for SEO execution. Why continue to miss out? Get help from a West Lafayette SEO firm. You’re just leaving money on the table for competitors without a West Lafayette SEO company at your side helping like DemandWell. Creative companies West Lafayette owners agree on DemandWell’s services, and they keep going back for more.

West Lafayette SEO Agency
One of the additional benefits of working with a West Lafayette SEO firm is that they bring a great amount of education and overall Lafayette market wisdom to the table. A seasoned West Lafayette SEO company typically work with multiple clients providing creative companies West Lafayette online solutions. And that means a West Lafayette SEO expert a finger on the pulse of what’s going on with local companies, what they are interested in, what they are seeing, and what they are attempting to do with their own marketing efforts. All of that information can be leveraged for your plan development by an SEO company in West Lafayette with a bit of learning how not to make the mistakes someone else made and experienced the hard way. DemandWell is just such an SEO agency among marketing companies West Lafayette options, providing key guidance in lead generation, online marketing, social media messaging and response, online audience relationship building and more. When you need Top SEO expert help, it’s time to call in the right SEO West Lafayette SEO agency: DemandWell.

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