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What is a Content Gap Analysis

If you’ve poked around the marketing world you may be wondering, what is a content gap analysis? Content gap analyses compare your competitors’ content ranking against your own to find gaps in your SEO strategy. In this context, a gap is defined as the topics and keywords you competitors are ranking for that you are not—thus, it becomes necessary to come up with new keywords to target and new content to create so that your business can gain a competitive advantage over your rivals. 

By performing a competitor analysis, you can identify strategic weak spots and work to devise new, improved methods for boosting your content’s ranking. You might consider using a competitor gap analysis template for inspiration on how to perform a gap analysis, plugging in your personal info and getting an idea of what this kind of analysis can or should look like. 

There are several different ways you can do a content gap analysis. First and foremost, you might do a deep dive into your competitors’ weak spots, paying close attention to everything from site navigation to content connectedness. If their website or content is lacking in any way, that should sound the alarm bells in your head informing you that there is a problem and you should take note so as to avoid the issue when creating and deploying your own content.

You might also step back and take a long and hard look at what actually differentiates you as a business. When browsing your competitors’ websites, do you notice anything that sounds similar between them? Or perhaps similar to your site? Be sure to look for areas where they’re lacking and determine if there’s a way you could incorporate the missing information into your site so that you are better able to stand out from the crowd.

Content Gap Analysis Tool

When performing an analysis, you don’t have to rely solely on your own two hands and naked eye. You could use a content gap analysis tool to help identify content gaps and look for ways to improve. For instance, some tools might be used to scan text in search of certain phrases or keywords. Other tools might be useful for determining readability and relevance. 

With a content gap tool you can pick up on things that you might otherwise overlook. Likewise, a quality tool can point you in the right direction and offer guidance on where to take your content going forward. Being able to determine where you are ranking and how successfully you are showing up in search engines is critical to achieving or maintaining business success. 

There are many different content gap analysis tools available. Some can be used to essentially perform gap analyses for you, while others might simply offer tips for improvement and allow you to do the rest. It’s important to outline your needs and objectives so that you can get the most out of your analysis and create actionable next steps. A content gap analysis tool can help you do this and can make your job easier.

Content Gap Analysis Example

A content gap analysis template or website gap analysis template can provide a framework with which you can work to get started creating your own analysis. In addition, you could view examples by others to see what has worked for them and what you think could be amended for your own use. Depending on your business size, type, and marketing goals, you may opt to follow a more general template over one that’s more detailed and straightforward. 

In one content gap analysis example you may be considering publishing a piece on link building on your site, but upon researching competitor content on the same topic, discover that there are gaps within the existing content. In that case you could go back and revise your original content to fill these gaps, or even discard the idea altogether if you determine that the topic has been overdone. 

There’s no question that SEO plays a crucial role in helping businesses publish top quality content. Demandwell, a platform aimed at B2B SaaS marketers, helps users turn organic search into a source of repeatable revenue. Combining software and consulting, Demandwell unlocks exponential growth for customers, providing valuable insights that can be used to perform content gap analyses, and then work to address identified gaps.

Free Online Competitor Analysis Tools

You can find free online competitor analysis tools for assistance in carrying out competitor analyses. These might include a free website report, free keyword analyzer, and free SEO analysis. It’s especially important to take advantage of SEO free tools, as SEO is deeply important to creating good, high-ranking content. Without any sort of gauge on your SEO success, you won’t be able to make the leap in attracting visitors to your site and encouraging them to take action.

Of course, not every free content gap analysis tool will prove relevant to your business, which is why you should ensure to seek out those that are truly worth your while. It can be helpful to target tools that are specifically geared towards your content type, as these will obviously provide the most value and offer you the best guidance in terms of what it is you’re hoping to achieve. 

You can earn a free Share of Search report from Demandwell and book a free consultative meeting to review the results of the report. This can help you find your next keywords to target as part of your SEO strategy. Demandwell’s Share of Search report enables marketers to understand their share of search engine results relative to their competitors. This report also helps you understand where you stand, in addition to providing actionable recommendations on how to improve. When you request a report, Demandwell will follow up via email to book time to talk through the report with you. A report like this can be incredibly helpful to businesses wanting to gain deeper insight into their search engine performance and determine how to improve their standing.

SEO Content Gap Analysis

An SEO content gap analysis and keyword gap analysis often go hand-in-hand in providing accurate, up to date reporting on how well you’re performing in the SEO space. If you discover content weak spots, you can always use a keyword planner to research and implement more effective keywords. This, in turn, can boost your search engine performance and help you stand out from your competitors. Content gap analysis SEO tools can help you perform these analyses. 

With Demandwell’s Share of Search report, you can compare yourself against three of your top competitors in keyword rankings for industry-specific keywords. This information is useful in forming an SEO strategy if one of your goals is to close the gap between yourself and your competitors. Demandwell can also provide you with a share of voice calculator example that makes sense for your specific needs. This voice calculator, unmatched in the industry, provides you with concrete numbers that will reveal how you can come out on top as a company. 

Demandwell’s success and the success of its Share of Search report is thanks in part to the PACE framework. PACE, which stands for plan, attract, convert, and evaluate, aims to provide repeatable and predictable revenue, enabling users to shift from chaos to confidence in their marketing efforts. Demandwell first makes a plan, looking at what’s currently driving traffic, and then seeks to attract visitors. Once the platform has uncovered the most effective conversion pathways, it leans into them and helps make sure that visitors take action. Finally, Demandwell reviews plan performance and makes adjustments and suggestions on what to do next. 

By utilizing Demandwell’s services, including its Share of Search report and PACE framework, users can be well on their way to performing SEO content gap analyses that matter. They can then take gleaned insights and use them to perfect their content and ultimately improve their search engine rankings. 

How To Do Content Gap Analysis

For ideas on how to do content gap analysis, you might consider looking at examples by others. Some methods may get better results than others, so it’s important to have a good understanding of your own business and what you’re specifically hoping to find with your gap analysis. Is there an area in particular you’re worried about? An area in which you know your competitors are outperforming you and you need to improve? Keeping this in mind, and even using a product gap analysis template, can go into your analysis with a clearer focus.

Fortunately, there are tools and platforms available to help you get a better sense of where you stand with SEO and content. Demandwell automates routine tasks and creates an organic presence that prospects and search engines love. It prioritizes keywords based on intent, potential impact, effort, and keyword lifecycle maturity so that you always know what to do next. Demandwell also visualizes the end-to-end workflow for creating demand pages that scale organic growth.

Demandwell’s platform includes keyword intelligence features that automatically generate contextually relevant, real-time related keywords. It enables rapid, keyword-based content brief creation and evaluates content using best practices that win upon publishing. These tools can be extremely helpful when performing any sort of content gap analysis. 


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