Are Your Pages Not Ranking? Technical SEO Could Be To Blame

Your website is your 24 hour salesperson. It’s the primary conduit for your brand to connect with your audience. But to get the most value from it, it has to look good AND function well.

Websites today can leverage dozens of new techniques to appear more visually striking. But Google still cares about the core basics of website design needed to read and understand what message you’re trying to convey. Your audience is doing the same thing; if your site can’t load fast enough, or is too clunky, their experience suffers and they won’t engage with your content. Since Google cares about user experience for its results, your SEO will suffer for it, pages will rank lower or not at all.

When was the last time you looked under the hood of your website? Is your CMS and theme design meeting all your needs? Or is your technical SEO causing traffic to drop?

Page Indexation Hinges On Your Site's Code

To rank for keywords, Google’s algorithm takes into account the topical relevance of your content and balances it against your site’s user experience. If Google can’t read your site content (quickly and easily) and if users have problems on your website, you’ll never show up for organic keywords.

If you’re experiencing indexation problems, where your pages aren’t showing up for keywords at all, then several technical issues could be the cause. Download our indexation guide to pinpoint what problems are the biggest red flags, and how to debug them to get on the right track.

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Katie Baird Noe

Content Marketing Manager

Leverage Demandwell To Pinpoint All Your Technical SEO Fixes

Demandwell includes comprehensive audits and health scans of your website. Your custom dashboard will show you all the primary issues on site, prioritized by the fixes you need to make now to improve your site performance, readability and efficacy towards keyword rankings. Monitors crawl your site daily to keep tabs on ongoing work, and notify you whenever an issue pops up. Never get surprised by technical headaches again.

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